Wound Care Supplies

Medley Products offers a wide selection of wound-care products. Tape, Foam Dressings, Hydrogel Dressings, Hydro fiber Dressings, Alginates, Cleaners, Gauze, Alcohol Prep Pads, and Adhesive Dressings are just a few of the supplies available. We’re here to help you get whatever you need for your wound treatment regimen.

Wound Care Products

Advanced Wound Dressings

Advanced Wound Dressings are used to improve the local wound environment and speed up the healing process. We have a complete range of wound care dressings, including hydrocolloid, collagen, alginates, foam, and hydrogel advanced wound care dressings.

Wound Care Bandages

Wound dressings for all wound care Wound care bandages are used for a wide range of wound treatment techniques, ranging from operating to establishing fundamental dressings. They’re essentially cloth or synthetic material tapes that are used in wound healing.

Wound Care

The basic gauze bandage is one of the most frequently used for wound treatments. We offer a variety of gauze dressings from several manufacturers to suite your needs.

Wound Care Medical Tape

These medical-related adhesives have a hypoallergenic adhesive that prevents any skin irritation. Many of these adhesives come with a microporous cloth to allow air to reach the skin and provide a breathable surface.

Wound Care Solutions By Product Experts

Why Should You Get Your Supplies From Medly?

  • Wound Product Experts With Over 70 Years Of Experience
  • Extensive Selection Of Wound Supplies: We Carry All Brands
  • Broad Insurance Coverage And Experts In Getting Qualification
  • A Patient Service Team That Is Always Friendly And Caring
  • Clinicians That Are On Call To Educate, Support And Answer Any Questions
  • A Registered Nurse On Staff To Handle Any Questions or Concerns