CGM – Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Medly has a complete line of CGM products. There will be no more excruciating finger pricks. You can use cutting-edge continuous glucose monitoring to prevent diabetes from getting out of control. We’re here to assist you with your CGM supply needs.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Products

Freestyle Libre

Freestyle Libre 2

Dexcom G6

Take Control Of Your Diabetes Without Painful Finger Sticks

The benefits of using a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.

  • NO More Painful Finger Sticks
  • Alerts and Nighttime Monitoring
  • The Products Are Covered By Your Insurance
  • Approved For Adults And Children With Diabetes, Age 4 years +
  • Reduction In Your A1C Levels
  • Alarms In Real Time To Notify You If Your Levels Are Too High or Low
  • Monitor Your Glucose Trends In Real Time To Manage Your Diabetes
  • Multi Day Wear Time For Your Sensors

Do You Qualify For A Continuous Glucose Monitor-CGM?