Catheter and Incontinence Supplies

Urinary catheters and other urinary catheter products are available from Medly, a business that specializes in medical supplies. We provide the greatest quality goods from all top names. Avoid UTIs with our catheter product experts who are ready to assist you with your catheter and incontinence needs.

Catheter Product Solutions For Male, Female And Pediatrics

Straight Tip

Intermittent urinary catheters are used in the treatment of retention of urine or urinary incontinence.

Coudé Tip

For people who are unable to use a straight tip catheter due to blockages, strictures, or anatomical constraints.

Closed System

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are targeted by this product, which is designed to combat and reduce them.

Foley Catheters

Indwelling catheters or Foley catheters are for individuals who do not use intermittent catheters.

External Catheter

External catheters for patients with incontinence.

Catheter Experts with a Deep Understanding of User Needs

Why Should You Get Your Supplies From Medly?

  • Catheter Experts: Over 70 Years of Catheter Experience in the Industry
  • Extensive Selection Of Catheters: We Carry All Brands
  • Broad Insurance Coverage And Experts In Getting Qualification
  • An Easy Patient Friendly Process To Switch Your Service To Medly
  • Clinicians That Are On Call To Educate, Support And Answer Any Questions
  • We Will Never Let You Go Without Catheters
  • FREE Samples To Help You Find The Best Solution For You
  • Male, Female and Pediatric Catheters