About Medly Health Solutions

We’re Here To Solve Your Problems

Medly Health Solutions is a Durable Medical Equipment Supplier that delivers medical products directly to the patients home. We provide continuous glucose monitors, urology supplies, wound care supplies and ostomy supplies. Medly was founded in 2019 with one goal: to make it our patients lives easier by delivering quality equipment right to their doorstep. We believe that as a small company we can make a big difference by providing what you need when you need it most!

Our Commitment

We know that you have many choices when selecting a DME supplier and we are 100% committed to earning your trust and keeping it throughout the process by following through with our promises.

We Pledge That We Will:

  • Treat You With Respect And Compassion Every Time We Speak With You
  • Ensure Our Team Members Are Trained, Responsive, and Caring
  • Ensure We Answer Your Questions Honestly, Accurately, and Timely
  • Work Endlessly To Ensure You Always Receive Your Orders On Time
  • Provide You With A Comprehensive, Safe, and Quality Product Line
  • Pack Your Shipments With Caring Hands
  • Protect Your Privacy
  • Work Tirelessly And Consistently To Never Lose Your Trust or Business